Why Spider ?

Error Free Service - through trained security staff managed by experienced professionals. Hassle Free Service - all statutory requirements are fully met. Non-unionized security agency, a satisfied workplace and excellent relations between workforce and management.

Excellent Liaison - with local law enforcing and allied state agencies. Quick response -by Senior Operations Staff at Regional office. forward looking agency - Keeping pace with change occurring in security industry and constantly upgrading its systems to meet the precise demands security.

We believe in Total Quality Management and provide value for money. We have a strong operational team headed by highly experienced senior defiance officers and Comprising of quality managers, mobile field officers and patrol supervisors suitably equipped with communication network

This is further backed by a Central Control Room for easy access to senior executives for immediate response - round the clock.

Our company is professionally organized and work on the principle of effective delegation of duties. Responsibility is fixed at level and each level and each individual in the structure has an important role to perform. The motivation levels are high and sheer professionalism guides the company to scale one height after another.

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B 5/20, Sector-7, Rohini, New Delhi-110085

Email : info@spiderguard.in

Website : www.spiderguard.in

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